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Foodie Friday: The BIG Salad

By Shannon Franz This delicious salad packs a punch of awesome nutrients. It is a little light in the way of protein, so feel free to add in your favorite protein (chicken, fish, cheese, hardboiled egg, tempeh, etc.) for an even more filling salad, especially if it’s a post workout meal. If possible, try to opt for organic ingredients, especially […]

Tofu Tacos

By Meghan Rossi You’d be hard pressed to find a happier food than tacos. There’s an endless number of flavor combinations to excite the tastebuds, and they’re usually enjoyed with friends on a patio… While sipping margaritas. Oh dear tacos, how I love thee! Here’s a taco sensation I whipped up the other night: tofu […]

Loaded Vegetable Quinoa

By Meghan Rossi Hello fellow foodies!  You’re going to notice a trend pretty quick with many of my meals: healthy, fast, and bulk for leftovers! Few things make me happier than realizing I just need to re-heat something for a quick, healthy lunch in the midst of a hectic day. So as often as I […]