2017 Gratitude Challenge Winner: Danny Cummings

Our next winner of the 4th Annual Gratitude Challenge was also a nomination.  Jacqui Farrell wrote to us about her cousin, Danny. A tremendous story that stretches beyond her original email.  To hear his full story, you’ll have to check out the video of our Gratitude Challenge Winner’s with Go Get It LIFE Co-Founder, Theo Rossi. Here is Danny’s story through the eyes of his cousin, Jacqui…

Hi Theo & the team!!!!

I LOVE what you doing so I had to share my cousin’s story!!!! Way way back in the day my cousin Danny and I were just shy of 21 and living what we thought to be our best lives!!! Youths,I tell ya!!! But sometimes “accidents” happen that change the course of your life forever! Danny was a bit of a daredevil,jovial,party starter and decided while on a paddle boat to dive in the water for fun. Well he is 6’2 and dove into 3 feet of water he had NO clue how shallow it was! Well, when he didnt come to the surface his friends panicked and jumped to save him. Danny severed his spinal cord, he was injured TWO verterbra down from Christopher Reeves and he is lucky is be alive! After the intial shock he went to rehab to rehab and ended up in California at Project Walk. He was basically told to learn to live in a chair and have zero dreams of walking again. Well he decided IM WALKING again! His dream goal was to throw out a first pitch at a Red Sox game( sorry Yankee fans!!) and did it TWICE once in a chair once with a walker!!!With his obnoxious family yelling from the bleachers!!! He currently through intense therapy WALKS with a walker full time!!! And this is when the gratitude comes in…. he opened up a non-profit Journey Forward that helps people w/ spinal cord injuries and since insurance doesnt cover this type of care they work on total donations! We do walks every year, benefits,road races,and the Boston Marathon!! To help out these people that were told you wont walk again! So long story short at 37 years old he is changing lives of people older/younger and giving them the drive he was told to give up on. He is a hero in my eyes and I think he would be a great candidate for the gratitude challenge!! I think his therapy pug Fenway would agree too!! Thank you for reading my story. I think what you are doing is unreal and amazing and whoever wins deserves it!! Happiest of Holiday wishes!!!

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