2017 Gratitude Challenge Winner: Linsey Apple

Linsey has been a longtime friend of the Go Get It LIFE movement. We have bonded with her over the years through our social media platforms, and connected over each post made on our pages.  It was such a joy to receive her email, as we have experienced her blossom through Go Get It LIFE and knew that it was a huge move for her to reach out and share her story.  Bravo Linsey! It’s such an amazing feeling to connect and share!  Below, please read Linsey’s story.  You can watch more of Linsey and all of our winners of the 4th Annual Gratitude Challenge here.
Hi GoGetItLIFE Team,

Ok so this is about my 4th attempt at writing my Gratitude Challenge story. I just wasn’t happy with it. I didn’t feel like I was doing enough and then my anxiety started rising so I took a step back and really thought about it. For the challenge this year I did what I usually do, I donated coats to charity, baked some gingerbread biscuits for work colleagues, donated items to local food bank, I made my brother and sister their favourite meal and we all spent some time together which is something we need to do more often because they are the most important people in my life and also I’ve been complimenting people in my life even just on little things and it’s really made them smile. The issue I was having was I wanted to do more and give back more. I decided to re-watch Theo’s Facebook Live and the one thing that he mentioned that really hit home with me was how it is important to be nice to ourselves and improve ourselves. That really got me thinking about myself and if I’m really living the best life I can. GoGetItLIFE has really helped me recognise the importance of kindness and giving back to others, which I find had really changed my outlook on things over the last few years. I now feel like I need to improve certain aspects about myself and understand my own self worth. So one small thing I have started to do over the last couple of weeks is to simply do a small workout in the mornings, it may only be between 10-20 minutes. I have found that it has helped me focus more, have more energy and helped lower my anxiety throughout the day. I don’t know yet what else I’m going to do to improve myself because I really need to think about what aspects of my life I’m happy with and what I’m not, but I’m beginning to feel like I now have the courage to recognise and change what I can. This will hopefully also give me the courage and chance to help others in better ways. I don’t feel like this is a real Gratitude Challenge entry because although I have done a couple of small things to give back it is not much and I know some people have some amazing stories just from reading the FB Live comments and wow there are some really special people in this world. I just wanted to send this in so you’s can realise how the Gratitude Challenge has helped me. 
Thank You
All The Best 

Lindsey : )

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