A Mom on a Mission

By Jamie Grotto-Casalino,

Growing up on the beach, I always had a love for nature. My friends and I would go for swims in the ocean and wrap the seaweed around our legs and stomach when we got out because combined with the amazing effects of the salt water, it would leave our skin glowing and soft. We used to say “wow, we should jar this stuff up and sell it, we’d probably make a fortune!” Then I’d go home and shower off and my tub would always be slippery because my Mother would bathe in oils to soften her skin. I always remember getting frustrated that I had to wipe down the tub before I took a shower, but what I’ll never forget about my Mom was her soft, silky skin- it was naturally gorgeous! 

Unfortunately, I always suffered from very dry, itchy, sensitive skin. The doctors would give me all of these medicated creams that worked for a week then I’d be itchy again. I used numerous OTC “sensitive skin” lotions, creams, body washes, etc. Nothing ever really worked. I always longed to use the beautifully scented Body Washes and Lotions from major store chains, but knew what would happen if I did- horrible hives, breakouts and very bad reactions to the chemicals, perfumes and parabens that were in those types of products. One Christmas, my brother’s Girlfriend had given me a gift set that had a sugar scrub in it. I figured I’d try it, since there was nothing bad or nasty in it. To my shock and surprise, not only did I NOT have ANY TYPE of reaction to it, it actually HELPED soothe and soften my skin tremendously!!! I couldn’t believe it. I began researching Sugar Scrubs and learned how beneficial and nourishing they are for your skin. I mixed together my very first scrub- A Facial Scrub, made up of 4 basic ingredients- Brown Sugar, Coconut Oil, Honey and Vitamin E. After just one use my Face was GLOWING! I then went on to do more research on crafting Sugar Scrubs and experimented with about 20 different ingredients. In my research, I also discovered how I can scent these scrubs naturally without the effects that perfumes and fragrances had on my skin- Essential Oils, natures gift. I had to share them with my family and friends and began to give out samples. The feedback I got was so amazing, and they started to ask me to create other products to help them with their specific skin needs. I started taking online tutorials and classes on Essential Oil mixing and extensively researching various natural oils and their unique benefits and learned that there was a vast world of natural wonders right under my nose. It was right then I knew I had to take my knack for creating amazing skin care products to another level.

I did just that and started my business, Pure Body, in March of 2015. Pure Body started with just 6 Sugar Scrubs, and now includes a full line of all natural, chemical, paraben, fragrance and dye free organic products for the body and home. I am constantly researching new formulas and adding new products to the line, and each of my products are uniquely formulated and not a copied or “cookie cutter” recipe. People always ask me “wow that’s a lot of work, how do you do it with a 3 year old?”  Yes it’s challenging, VERY challenging- but knowing I can provide safe, organic and healthy nourishing products for my family, friends and clients is more rewarding than the challenges it comes with . I do most of my work early in the morning before my son wakes, when he naps, or at night when my family is sleeping. I sacrifice my time with family on the weekends to work craft fairs and events, but I absolutely love meeting new clients, making new business connections, and sharing my passion for my products with them. I’m super lucky to have an amazing and supportive husband, a sister who is a kick ass Graphic Designer (HUGE HELP), and a Dad and Stepmom who help me with my son whenever I need them. Some days are harder than others, but I’ve learned that when I push myself through the challenges, the rewards are far better than quitting. 
“Work isn’t work when you love what you do”- well that’s half true lol. I work very hard doing what I love, and only plan on going further from here. The feedback I get from my clients is amazing, and that is what keeps me motivated, pushes me further and gives me the confidence I need to know that every product I create for them will be even more amazing than the last. 

Being a working Mom from home isn’t easy, but Pure Body is well worth all of the hard work. My family is my world and I’m a Mom on a Mission to keep them healthy from the inside out. 

– Every Body deserves to be Pure

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