My Heart In a Furry White Suit

To say that this past year has been challenging, would be an understatement.  My mom was diagnosed with dementia, I moved home to help her and have to live without my husband while we sort out immigration, but at least I have my dogs.

Living with the changes dementia causes is awful, however I didn’t truly expect all the other surprises that kept piling on one after the other, but I tried my very hardest to be positive and not to be completely overwhelmed.  However, one day my Dane Prada who’d been showing some signs of aging and a weakening hind end (which is very common in Danes) started really struggling.  When she walked, she staggered, she’d fall occasionally, and she couldn’t get off and on the couch without assistance.  Worst of all, I could tell it was bothering her.  Prada is my heart dog.  From the minute I saw a picture of her in her foster home I was hooked.  She was a troublemaker, sassy, silly, and a bundle of puppy energy.

When she finally came home it seems the feeling was mutual, she cried and carried on incessantly until she got to sleep with me (I had been trying to spend time with a senior foster).  In the eight years since she has been my shadow, I often call her my heart in a furry white suit or the echo of my heartbeat.  She’s generally always touching me if we’re in the same room and if I can take her somewhere I do.

Prada has done a lot, she’s done rescue events since she was six months old being an advocate for rescue dogs, Great Danes, and deaf dogs.  She’s done TV shows, talent shows, therapy work, and is a show stopper wherever she goes (she knows she’s pretty.  So, this change in her mobility was the one thing that was my unglueing, I didn’t know what to do.

I looked into wheelchairs as her front end is healthy, but they were far too expensive for me to manage on my own.  I turned to a good friend and adopter from our rescue who happened to be part of a group that helps pet owners fund medical expenses who can’t do so on their own.  To my absolute delight, they not only said yes, but Prada had her brand new pink wheels within the week.  We are still working on getting her fully adjusted, but her first order of business in her new wheels was counter surfing, which I’ve never been so happy to see.

Thanks to Louie and Friends Foundation I have some more time with my special girl and I couldn’t be happier.  My troublemaker is back to her smiling self, and I am forever grateful!

Lyndsey Bennett

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