A Holiday Wish For You

By Sarah Wylde

The other day I was getting my planner ready for 2020 and making my list of things to do when I go back to the office in January, so I don’t forget anything. While doing this, I couldn’t help but think and reflect over the past year. The good and the bad, they all made an impact. It wasn’t until I reached the bullet journal portions of the planner that made me think and put things in perspective. It was the part where I wrote goals and words to remember to practice. With today being December 25th, I want to share those notes I made.

Spend time with loved ones. Make an effort. Life has been crazy this year, but make the time to see them. Go for a coffee to catch up, a dinner, or have a game night. Send them physical mail, so they know that I am thinking of them, plus it is always lovely to get a letter that isn’t a bill. Every once in a while, send a text or email to check in on them a well. 

Gratitude, that straightforward word gets forgotten. When I get excellent service somewhere, tell them, thank them, let their manager know. Be grateful for what I have and not to focus on what I wish I had. Be happy for my friends and family. Write every night in my gratitude journal. 

Forgiveness is powerful. Forgive myself when I make mistakes. Learn and work on forgiving those who have hurt me, not for them but myself. I want to move on, not dwell on the past, and the feelings and emotions that came with it. It is okay to forgive a person and not tell them or see them again. It is alright to cut ties with toxic relationships. 

Have patience. Whether in traffic or waiting in line at a store. Be patient with myself when my anxiety or depression is terrible. Be patient with my body on days it hurts. 

Pass on kindness, basically pay it forward. It is free to be kind to someone. When I can pay for the coffee of the person behind me, bring magazines to doctor offices for the waiting room. Bring books to the library and coffee shop for others to enjoy. You never know how just the simple act of a smile at someone could brighten their day. Spread positivity. Give back. 

These notes are my holiday wish for everyone. 

I wish you all a wonderful holiday season and all the best in 2020 in everything you do. Until next year, take care of yourself! Cheers!

Sarah Wylde

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