Checking In

By Sarah Wylde

Hi, I know it has been a while since I have posted anything. Instead of just glossing over the fact that I have been absent and moving forward, I feel that it is important to share why, especially with what is currently happening in the world. I even found myself about to apologize for being absent and taking time to get my mental health back in check. It is an automatic reflex, one that I am trying to break. But as I was typing it, I stopped and deleted it. We shouldn’t have to say sorry for taking that time, ever, but especially now.

In March, every day at work, we were watching the news and waiting to see what we would have to do to make sure everyone was safe. On March 20, we were told that we would be “laid off” for an undetermined amount of time until government and health officials gave the okay. I lucked out and was only off for three weeks before going back to work because work was pilling up, and they needed more employees back. While it is an extremely different “normal” in the office, it was nice to have a routine schedule to go by again. We are not open to the public but can still work and do things electronically in the office. Having that sense of routine again has helped, but it is still a daily effort to work on my mental health. And I know that I am not the only one during this time have a rough go. With all that people have going on, the pandemic increased the stress, emotions, anxiety, and depression that was already there.

When everything began with COVID-19, my mental health was already not very strong and starting to waver. I had regular panic attacks again, self-doubting, and depression crying episodes. With adding the vast majority of us having to self-isolate and not have close contact with others that can and will take a toll on all our mental health and overall wellbeing. It has been hard for all of us.

To keep it at bay, I have been trying to continue with a schedule to give a sense of normality and balance. Pretty much, the only writing I have been doing has been in a journal. I have gotten really into doing puzzles. When I think about it, puzzles are great for mindfulness. You work hard to put them together, then take them apart again, put them in a box and forget about them again or donate for someone else to do.

What I am going to be writing about continuing forward will be some book reviews about new self-help styled books aimed at depression and anxiety. On coping with having to be self-isolated and quarantined, mindfulness, anxiety, depression, podcasts, and more.

Where ever you are, know that you are not going through this on your own. Yes, I realize that sounds cliché. But even though people are a part, we are together in this.

Until next time, be well and stay safe.

Sarah Wylde