Desiray’s Story: Adoption

Here is my adoption story. — Desiray

Lets rewind to 2002. I am having some weird pains so I go to the Dr. and find out I’m pregnant  wait no I can’t be this can not happen to me. Well it did. After trying to hide it and then eventually having to tell my parents my Mom says ok so what are you going to do. Adoption was the answer. I was 18 and there was no way I was able to raise a child on my own and I knew what ever choice I made my Parents were going to stand beside me.

The first step I have to find an Adoption agency so I hopped on google because where else would you find something like that after much research I found a place in Wichita, Adoption Center of Kansas. Now for the phone call I was so scared how is this going to go what am I going to say what will they think of me? I finally made the call and I’m pretty sure the lady on the other end had the voice of an angel  After a lengthy phone call and a million questions I was ready to do this. I had decided I wanted to pick the family and Dad and I was going to meet the family (that will come later) When you decide you want to pick the family there is about 100 questions to answer about the kind of family you are looking for for your child. I had 2 specific things I wanted. I didn’t want her to be an only child as I had older brothers and I wanted a family that was as close to their extended family as I am. After telling my social worker what I was looking for she brought me a box and I’m talking a giant box of photo albums to go through. This was honestly the hardest part what if I didn’t pick the right people what if the things they had in their book weren’t actually all true. Well I found what I thought the best choice would be and I couldn’t have picked better Parents for my little girl.

Fast forward to September 26th 2002. I was due at Thanksgiving and currently living in Salina going to college. My Dad came to Salina that day because it was the day we finally get to meet the family that would soon be the Parents of Makenzie.  We went out to eat and then we went and spent some time at the park to interact with them and their adopted son that was about 5 at the time. They were the sweetest people I had ever met and I knew at that exact moment I was dong the right thing. We talked they were excited I was excited and in a couple months they would get to meet their little girl.  

WRONG she decided she was ready to come that night 8 weeks early! I called my Mom a million times telling her I do not know what is going on but I’m having pain lots of pain. After hours of trying to get it to go away Mom finally tellls me to call my cousin who is a Dr. in Salina and see what she says. Well of course she says get to the hospital. I call Jamie tell her you need to take me to the hospital like right now. Thank you Jesus she dropped what she was doing and we go. I might have been there about 30 minutes before baby girl Smith made her appearance into this world.  I specifically remember telling them let me see her please and she was absolutely beautiful. Of course being 8 weeks early they took her out of the room ASAP. About 1 hr later they came in and said we are having a hard time getting her to respond would you be will to come talk to her and see if she will hear your voice. Of course I will. This would be the last time I would see her. I walked back to the nursery where she had wires coming out of everywhere and oxygen on. I leaned down and said to her hey baby girl and instantly she started squirming see she was ok they needed to get her to Wichita to a NICU as Salina was not big enough for her. I gave her a kiss told her I loved her and there I was officially a birth Mother.  Her adoptive parents were still in town so they go to meet her as soon as she go to Wichita. They spend every single day at the hospital for the next 4 weeks before getting to take her home to Ohio. 

Now what she was born, she was healthy, and she had an amazing family ready to take her home. Now it’s October and it’s time for the legal stuff. I drove to Wichita that day to sign all my paper and there were lots of them. Everything was still so surreal at this point. Everything just happened exactly like it was supposed to happen. As I was sitting at that giant table signing the adoption papers they tell me in the state of Kansas once you sign the paper there is no going back. Without hesitation I signed them Baby Girl Smith was about to become Makenzie Ray. Wait wait wait the Father what about him well at this point he decided he wants  what happens now I just signed all my rights away and now he is going to fight the adoption no way this can’t be he can not have her and I’m not letting him. Well to make that long story short he gave up on it Thank you God!!!!!!!  

Makenzie is now 15 loving life and living the life of a teenage girl in Ohio. I get pictures of her once a year and all you can see is how happy she is. I have never even once regretted my decision and if I had to do it all over again I would do it the exact same way!!!!   

((featured photo is Desiray and her brother))

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