What a Difference a Year Makes

Just over a year ago you read about my story here on Go Get It LIFE. I was sick, feeling the worst I have ever felt in my life and was in need of a kidney.

What a difference a year makes.

I received an amazing response after reaching out on Go Get It LIFE and other social media networks. I had dozens of people asking how they can see if they can donate. Some knew they couldn’t donate but reached out asking how they could help me in other ways.  As I read each one, (I saved them all!) my hope grew, and I began to feel my life turn in a better direction.

Several people put in applications, a few reached the next step (extensive medical testing) and were turned away.  And then there was Darren.

Darren was considered a strong match. He was told he could donate and to wait a week to discuss with his family and then let me know if he was going ahead with it.

I remember the day he told me, I held back tears as he did so, and afterwards I let it all out. He just changed my life.

July 5, 2016 we had our operations. They were a tremendous success.  After two weeks I was walking a mile, after a month I was riding 10 miles, after 2 months I rode 40 miles of mountain bike trails (6 hours of riding). It left me in tears at the finish line just thinking of all that I have gone through in the past year. Darren recovered quickly as well and after a few short weeks was able to resume all of his activities. I owe it all to Darren.

These days I feel 100% back to normal. I am able to do anything I want.

I call Darren my hero. (he calls himself one too but that’s just the type of guy he is). He saved my life, he gave me a new lease on life, and for that I will be forever grateful.

I see things differently now. I feel people just go through life not seeing all there is out there. Life should be about love and happiness. Do what makes you happy, enjoy your life with your family and loved ones.

Me? I want to do everything, no more waiting for tomorrow, it’s never guaranteed.

Please live your life the way you want to. Let the people in your life know you love them.

Never give up on hope. And if you ever have the opportunity, please consider being a donor. You could save someone’s life.


Photo Caption: What do you get someone who saved your life for Christmas? (L-R, Darren and George)

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