Going into the new year: being present

By Sarah Wylde

As we close out the decade and enter a new year, this is when we tend to reflect and evaluate on the past year. That can bring up what you would like to work towards or plan for the upcoming year by making some resolutions and goals. 

For as long as I can remember, I have made (and broke a few) each year. When I don’t get to where I think I should be or if it is one that I don’t keep up with, I end up feeling down on myself. This year, I have decided not to make any resolutions. Shocking I know, since I am very much a list person and do usually write out monthly goals. But this year, I am going to do a few things differently. 

First is for Christmas I received a daily prompt journal and a mindful planner/journal. That gave me the idea where this year, when I am curling up for the evening with my cup of tea, I fill out a page in each. Each day prompts to make you think about the current day and be grateful for those moments. The prompt journal has a page for each day. You write in the day, month, and year and then answer the prompt that sometimes requires you to call on your artistic side and draw. It gets you to be grateful and creative.

Some prompts include small things I did today that made a difference, the book that is my BFF, the best hug I got today, the information I picked up by listening today, and many more. In the mindfulness planner/journal gives daily inspiration, meditation tips, coloring pages, motivational quotes, and more. There are even articles about the benefits of being mindful, choosing the best meditation style for you, and about being present. Prompts include writing a letter to yourself, write your dream, write a thank you note to someone you saw today, and more. This will also help with my anxiety and stress and act as a calm and grounding activity.

But mainly, this year I am going to be present and in the moment. For example, if I am out for a walk, or with friends, family, etc. I am either leaving my cell phone at home or turning it off. There is so much in life that can distract us and take us out of the moment. It can take away from the activity and change how we feel looking back. Instead of laughing, remembering the fun at the park, you then get frustrated about that text or call from work you received. 

So, for 2020, I am looking forward to being present, being my true self, and going on adventures. Life is too short for perfection.

Until next time, Happy New Year and all the best in 2020!

Sarah Wylde