Halloween D-I-Y Crafts

By Sarah Wylde

This year, it is safe to say that Halloween will be celebrated very differently this year. Most places are not going to be doing traditional trick-or-treating, if at all. That in itself could have your kids, not in the Halloween spirit. So, to help with that, let’s do some fun crafts with a fangtastic twist.

I know with the pandemic that for a lot of us, money free to spend on craft supplies are tight or non-existing. This is why these do-it-yourself crafts take little to no extra cost on supplies. You can find most of these supplies in your home or outside in the yard. Here are some DIY Halloween crafts that you can do at home on your own or with your family.

Pumpkin DIYs:

These few pumpkin decoration ideas require no carving. Just a few holes – get adult help if needed for that. Supplies for these are paints, construction paper, double-sided tape, glue gun, tin foil, old magazines, googly eyes, string, branches, scissors, and of course, pumpkins.

  • Using old magazines cut out some of the images of mouths and eyes, leaving some of the backgrounds included. Using the glue gun, put small dots of glue where you want the eyes and mouths to go. It could be as a face, all eyes, all mouths, or whatever design you want to make.
  • Using tinfoil. Cut it into small, medium, and larger squares. Add some double-sided tape to each piece of tin foil. Place the little tin foil squares at the top of the pumpkin going all around in a circle. Then the medium, ending with the large on the bottom. You have now just made a pumpkin disco ball.
  • This is a cute way to decorate. With the color of your choice of construction paper, cut out mustaches, eyelashes, or lips. Using double-sided tape or the glue gun, place a mustache on one of the pumpkins. And the others on remaining pumpkins.
  • First, for this design, you would have to go to the yard and get some branches. Drill a few holes on the top of the pumpkin for the branches to go into. Using construction paper or small Halloween decorations you already have, tie a piece of string from the branch to what you are going to hang. To complete this spooky tree, you can paint some designs or solid color on the pumpkin itself.
  • Paint your pumpkin in a design of your choice. Using the glue gun, add the googly eyes all over the pumpkin, so it looks like it is watching people at every angle.
  • The final pumpkin DIY is just to take the paint you have and have some fun with it. You can paint faces, words, splatters, dots, or whatever you think adds Halloween screams.

Rock Painting DIYs:

Either using small rocks that you have in your yard or going on a walk through the woods or by the water, clean the small smooth stones and let them become fully dry. Other supplies needed for this craft is paint, googly eyes, and a glue gun.

  • Paint some of the rock’s green, orange, black, and white. Design the orange rocks as pumpkins. The black rocks can be cat faces, white rocks as ghosts, and the green rocks as Frankenstein faces.
  • Just like with the pumpkins, paint the rocks a color or design of your choice. Using the glue gun, add small googly eyes and then paint a mouth and some scars. Or just add a single googly eye and mouth for a monster.

Other DIY Crafts:

For these few crafts, the supplies you need are twigs, a glue gun, googly eyes, construction paper, your hands, and your feet.

  • Getting some twigs from the yard, place them where you want to put them on the black piece of construction paper. Then glue gun them to the page to make a spooky forest. You can then draw or add stickers to make the forest even scarier.
  • Now it is time to get messy(ish). Take an orange piece of construction paper, and paint the bottom of your feet, yes, I said feet, black, white, or green. Then write “Trick or treat smell my feet” to hang on the door or wall.
  • On a piece of construction paper, paint your fingers black and then your palm green. Place it on the paper and let it dry. Draw eyes, mouth, and a scar on the corner of the head. It is now a zombie or Frankenstein’s face.
  • For this last painted foot design, choose your construction paper color. Paint your heel white, the middle orange, and the top yellow. You have just made a candy corn footprint!

Whatever you do for Halloween, I hope you have fun and a Spooktacular time. And if you make some of these crafts, please share them on social media (if you want to) and tag @GoGetItLife.

Until next time, stay safe and take care of yourselves. 

Sarah Wylde