Halloween fun at home

By Sarah Wylde

Can you believe we are in October already! I love the fall with the crisp air, changing leaves, and preparation for Halloween.

With the pandemic, this year will be different for sure. Not all places will be having Halloween festivities, trick-or-treating, or other celebrations. But that doesn’t mean the holiday has to be ignored. It just means we incorporate it within our families differently. You can still wear your costumes (I will be), you can still have fun just have to be creative this year. With that said, also be mindful of your city’s restrictions due to COVID, bring and use sanitizer, wear a mask, and please be safe.

Here are some suggestions that you can do with your younger family members:

  • Halloween themed Word Search. You can make your own or find some online that are free to print out.
  • Halloween, I Spy Game. Like the Word Search, you can create your own with what you have around your house that is Halloween or print from online.
  • Pin the Spider on the Web. Draw the spider web on a sheet of paper or whiteboard. Have them draw their spiders on a sheet of paper, color them how they want, and then cut them out (with help if you need). Then put double-sided tape on the back and play.
  • Halloween Charades.
  • A Scavenger hunt around your house or yard. Placing various Halloween-themed items around and once everyone is dressed in costumes, it is time to begin.
  • Popped Pumpkins. With orange balloons, you can place candy or little surprises in the balloon before blowing them up. Then let them pop the balloons. It is fun and lets them make noise.
  • Watch Halloween shows and movies together in costumes.
  • Spider PB&J sandwiches. Cut the bread in circles by using a coffee cup or glass, add the amount of peanut butter and jam you like to it. For the spider legs, add four pretzel sticks to each side on the edge of the sandwich. You can use chocolate chips for the eyes.
  • Make zombie rocks. Paint the rocks green and then make silly and scary faces on them.
  • Painting Pumpkins. Get whatever size pumpkin you like and paint it how you want!

I hope you have a fun and safe Halloween.

Until next time, take care of yourselves and stay safe.

Sarah Wylde