Hey girl moms, let’s talk confidence

 By Chanda Alicea

Happy Monday! I hope everyone who watched the Super Bowl enjoyed the game and I’m sorry if your team lost but congratulations to the fans of the winning team! I wanted to take this time to talk about being a girl mom. Being a girl mom rocks. I recently had a conversation about how when my daughter gets into something, she really gets into it. But the truth is, I encourage it wholeheartedly. I buy the clothes, dolls, shoes, books, whatever is relative to what she’s into. It’s honestly something I never pictured myself doing because I was NEVER anywhere as girly as she is.

I had decided once saw how much therapy helped with her SPD and hearing sensitivity issues that when we were finally able to a point where we were able to move past the fear and anxiety, that I would let her try dance classes. This is that year. I let her try tumbling and a jazz/hip hop combo class and she is INTO IT. So naturally, we had to go clothes shopping and that event at Target is what I want to talk about. It may sound silly, and you may be wondering why, but I promise it will make sense as to why I’m sharing this.

So, a few weeks ago, as I previously stated, we went to Target to get clothes for dance class. We picked out some outfits and headed to the dressing room so she could try them on. Now I have to tell you that my daughter is not one to shy away from a dressing room fashion show. This time was no different, however it was not what I was expecting.

I got a front row show, and as I sat and watched the show that was unfolding in front of my eyes and I had to stifle some giggles because I didn’t want her to feel that I was laughing at her and hurt her feelings, so I just smiled, but I was so tickled inside about just how damn cute my daughter is. Now I know that it is a totally bias opinion, but doesn’t every parent feel that way?

Now it isn’t about just how cute the fashion show was that really got me, but it was the confidence that just exuded from her with every single move she made. She was calling out stretches, leg movements and bending over by saying things like “Okay and we’re gonna bend over like this” and “We’re gonna stretch my leg out like this.” It honestly sounded like she was teaching some kind of class. She was working it, and I was so proud. It was such an empowering but kind of bittersweet moment.

I was watching this tiny person that was mine do something so grown and I was in awe of how lovely and innocent it is to be that age and not have had years of the world and society beating down on her telling her how she should look. I realized in that moment that I want her to ALWAYS have that confidence. I want her to always be that into trying on clothes. I want her to always love herself enough that she LOVES what she sees every time she looks in the mirror.

And as I was sitting there thinking about all those things that I want for her, I realized that I also want those things for me. I also realized that I want those things for other people. I REALLY WANT EVERYONE TO BE AS CONFIDENT AND INTO THEMSELVES AS MY 8 YEAR- OLD IS WHEN THEY ARE IN FRONT OF A MIRROR!! I’m not saying that you have to dance or put on a show while you are in a dressing room. I mean you can if you want, do whatever makes you happy. And if you have a mirror at home, by all means dance by yourself or with your kids. Put on a fashion show if you want, but if you don’t like what you see, please by all means change your outlook about yourself.

Remind yourself that you are amazing, you are lovely, you are enough, you are loved and imperfectly perfect. Remember to be kind to yourself, because how you feel about yourself is noticeable and speaking from experience, it took me years to realize that loving myself was the key to happiness. If you have kids, remember that the confidence that our children have can be contagious. It makes you realize that we should feel the way they do because it’s empowering.

Today my wish for everyone is to feel confident, (more confident if you already are) and so empowered that the outside world can’t break your relationship with yourself and the positive feelings you have about yourself. We should all be as confident and cool as our children are.