Pay it forward and be kind

By Sarah Wylde

When you hear the phrase, pay it forward, what do you think of? What does it mean to you?

There are many different concepts and explanations of the Pay it Forward mentality and movement. The most well-known is the 1999 novel written by Catherine Ryan Hyde.  In 2000, it got made into a movie starring Helen Hunt and Haley Joel Osment. The way it was described in the book and movie is, you do three good deeds for others, then each person does three and so on. With that ripple effect, there would be so many people helping each other and spreading kindness. With how scary and harmful the world can be, being able to bring some light to people’s lives and performing these random acts of kindness is more vital than ever. Doing something beautiful for another human being and being kind, doesn’t have to cost anything. But it is the most precious thing.

Here are some Ideas to do either on your own or as a family:

  • Color a picture and give it to someone to brighten their day.
  • Bake some cookies or another desert and visit the local fire hall, police station, or retirement home, and give out the cookies. Have a notecard on them with an appreciation message and ask them to pay it forward.
  • At a drive-through, pay for the vehicle behind you or leave $10 and tell them to use it on drive thought orders until it is gone.
  • Bring some food to a homeless person.
  • Play the compliments game. As a family or in a group, write the person’s name and then something you admire about them. When everyone is done, put them in a bowl. Have each person pull out a piece of paper and read off what is on it.
  • Sticky notes of kindness. Write positive affirmations on them and place them around for people to find.
  • Visit an animal shelter. Spend some time with the animals there and give them love. Ask if you can help and walk a dog.

When in doubt, look around you. Life will provide you with opportunities to pay it forward and be kind.

Doing one good deed may not seem like a lot. When you think of it, if everyone did something good for another person, then a cycle of kindness and generosity can help us become better people. There is just a little over two months left of 2019, let’s dedicate the rest of the year to paying it forward.

Until next time!

Sarah Wylde

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