Protecting Our Largest Organ

By Briana Banos

Last June 2015, I was given the opportunity to share my story here with you all. I was a girl, deep in the throes of Red Skin Syndrome, an iatrogenic condition brought on by the over-prescription of topical steroids.

I had red, burning skin that turned my life upside down. I went from a performer who loved life to being unrecognizable, hair falling out, and barely able to function without help.

Thankfully, I found support groups online and saw that I wasn’t alone.  So many seemed to be suffering with no aid from the medical community. All the doctors I had seen didn’t believe in my condition and it seemed to be consistent all over the world. I just didn’t understand how this amount of pain was being hidden, forgotten all because the use of a profitable drug was in question.

There are moments in life where you can either sit back and let something happen to you or you pick yourself up and you fight; you fight for what is right, what is just, and what needs to end. I was not going to let my ceaseless pain be passed in vain. I was physically, emotionally, mentally, and financially being abused through this condition and it had been going on for far too long.

So, I took a stand. I started a blog ( and began encouraging others who were going through this trying condition. And at first, I had every confidence I would be healed after a year. However, here I am, 20 months into this condition and I am still battling.

However, my life is exponentially better than it was a year ago. I have energy to go out and be a semi-normal person in the world. I can work, I can go out and not feel like a nomadic zoo where people constantly stare at the sick girl. My hair is growing out! It’s incredible to see what I look like now from where I have been all because of being overprescribed topical steroids.

Yet, my personal blog wasn’t enough. I eventually started making videos, was featured on The Doctor’s show in California, and was graciously invited to Washington DC this past September to attend a dermatology conference and speak to Congressmen about the many troubles the dermatological community faces.

And, on October 1st, I launched my biggest endeavor yet: my website dedicated to raising enough funds to produce a documentary around the prevention of Red Skin Syndrome. I have never felt more frightened and empowered at the same time.

WWW.PREVENTABLEDOC.COM is where you can go to learn about Red Skin Syndrome and how easily it can be prevented if doctors could only see the unimaginable damage it is doing. I am looking for sponsors, donors, and participants who will be open to sharing their heartbreaking stories each week. I am but one person and I encourage the Red Skin Syndrome community to come join me in the fight to end this harm.

On Oct. 22nd, I launched a US & Canadian t-shirt campaign to raise money as well as premiere my promotional trailer to get people interested in helping me raise funds to make my dream a reality. The campaign ends on November 5th, 2016. If you wish to purchase a shirt, please visit the website (WWW.PREVENTABLEDOC.COM)! The documentary can touch thousands of lives as well as save thousands from an easily preventable condition.



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