Starting 2021 with self-care

By Sarah Wylde

Well, here we are, in 2021. The first week has come and gone, and it honestly feels like a lot longer, am I right. Since it was the start of 2021, I figured we would talk about New Year’s resolutions or goals. But that just resulted in staring at a blank page for a long time since I was unmotivated to formulate any. The only promise I made to myself for this year is to focus on self-care. So how about we start there.

One thing to remember about self-care is that it is not selfish or that you don’t care about others. You are the only one who will make time for yourself. And 2021 is the perfect time to do just that. Take a moment and ask yourself this question: What do you need to be well today?

There are multiple types and forms when it comes to self-care. There are entire industries out there dedicated to self-help and the tools and resources that support us in accomplishing our goals. To help with the above question, here is a breakdown of some different types along with suggestions to go with each.

Physical: Creating a sleep schedule. Trying new meals and eating healthy, drinking your water, and doing home workouts when you are watching shows or when a commercial comes on.

Emotional: Stress and emotion management. In being compassionate with others and yourself. Spreading kindness and doing random acts of kindness when you can.

Social: Having boundaries and knowing when to go offline and stop doom scrolling. Positive social media experience and unfollow/block those who are negative. Removing the app from your phone and only checking at night.

Spiritual: Spend time with nature and become in tune with your surroundings. Journaling your gratitude and inner thoughts. Take up meditation, essential oils, and breathing techniques.

Personal: Doing hobbies, a puzzle, reading, and reconnecting with yourself. Create a vision board.

Space: Creating somewhere you feel safe. Organize your area.

Financial: Putting money away to save for something and the future, creating a budget. Every once in a while, splurge on something for yourself.

Professional: Work on time management. Taking breaks when you need them. Set boundaries and learn that it is ok to say no and not to take on too much.

Even with these suggestions, some of us will still struggle to keep with the goals that we set ourselves. Or have before and are wondering what the point/reason is to do it again. First, it is ok if it doesn’t stick. Try again, and again, and again. Start again as many times it takes you. This is one thing I say I will do each year and is something that will come and go. But we can do it. This is our year to do continuous self-care. So, I want to end with a question. What do you need to be well today?

Take care of yourselves.

Sarah Wylde