Sweet Reminders of Progress

By Chanda Alicea

This week I wanted to talk about something encouraging and uplifting. With all the craziness that has been going on, I just wanted to put something good out there. I know everyone is probably quarantined unless they have to go to work. We’re treading through uncertain times here and it’s definitely concerning. I hope this story gives you joy and reminds you of a time where all the hard work you went through paid off in a way that was tangible for you to see.

I recently took a look at my Facebook memories and I found a gem of a post that made my heart just burst. I have included the post because I am failing at technology right now and that’s real life right? Admitting those moments where we are failing. But it’s 1 am stressed, anxious and tired and give up on trying to figure it out. But the whole point of it is, I am a proud mom. I look back at this post and am so proud of how far she has come on this journey. It hasn’t been easy, but the progress that has been made is so worth it. She’s gone from a kid who can’t be in the same space with a vacuum on even with earmuffs to not always needing them during the fire works show at Disneyland.

She still occasionally needs to wear them at home while using the vacuum on her own. I mean let’s face it, we all know vacuums can be kind of high pitched so it’s definitely not a big deal. I’m also so proud of the fact that she is willing to use the little hand vacuum where she used to run screaming at the sight of any type of vacuum is just a blessing. If you haven’t had any issues with sound sensitivity then I am sure this probably sounds extreme and crazy to you, but this was our life and it was a rough patch that I sometimes never thought we’d get past. I was worried that this was going to be our normal that we would have to adjust to and even though I knew I had a great support system and people who I could vent to, there were still times that I felt alone in this path we were on.

But for all the tough times and the tears (happy and sad), I can honestly say that it’s been worth it. ALL of it. All of the tantrums, the tears, the not knowing what was going on at the start of it. The looks we’d get if something set her off out in public, the fact that I learned all the patience because it was tested and still is. I learned very quickly how to not be embarrassed about the screaming, tantrums and tears. I am so proud of this kid. I’m so proud of the progress that we’ve made and continue to make. I’m also glad that I chose (and still choose) to document these moments. I’m glad that I can look back on them and find the joy through the heartache that we’ve endured on this journey.

Memory Lane