Toren Anderson: Best Year Yet!

First off let me begin by thanking everyone who is a part of this fantastic idea. I have always been told the best way to hit your goals and plans is to first write them all down. The idea to get people like us to do something like this can and WILL help people out and to me, there is nothing like helping people out and putting a smiles on other’s faces. 

Now to get to what we are all here for…. here is my 2019 plan. 

Holy smokes, how rude of me to not introduce myself! My name is Toren Anderson. I am 26 and born and raised in the state of Oregon. 

First thing I want to do better is OBVIOUSLY MY PROCRASTINATION. Why do I put that and in all caps? Well because it is 11:35 on the final day of this submission. Oh boy. Procrastination is something I have had since about 7th grade. Why continue to procrastinate?? Good question. There is no answer. It’s a simple issue to fix. I’ve been listening to a bunch of podcasts recently and I have been taking a bunch of important information from those. One of thing I learned was to do the 5 minute tasks immediately.  If you have (10) 5 minute tasks throughout the day, it’s better to get them done as soon as possible so the do not build up. 

Next in order to build my best life I need to first love myself. I have a tough time loving myself which is a very difficult issue to fix in my opinion. I don’t know what it is. Low self esteem?? My fiancé tries to help me. She is the greatest thing to happen to me. Her and I have made a 2019 goal to read books together to help each other grow individually so I do believe that will help. I don’t know what it is that’s makes me not have full confidence in myself. But I know 2019 will help me find it. 

I am sooooo close of starting my own business. Money is the only part holding me back. So working hard at my job right now is the only thing going to accomplish that goal. I am so excited to get my business running. When I do get my business going I am going to donate a percentage of the money I make per job to a donation of either mine or the customers choosing. Helping the people who need help is something that makes me feel good, and feeling good about myself is something I need to do. IT IS A WIN WIN!!!

Me and my fiancé are great together but there is always room for improvement. We have already planned a resolution to read each night, but we also have planned a date night planned each month. A “treat-yo-self” date night. I can’t wait!

Lastly. My health. I am a pretty active guy. But that isn’t enough! I have signed up for a competition with my mom for us to run a certain amount of miles per year and we have to hit it if we want our medal! Not only that but I have been running the Hood to Coast here for a few years now and I want to SMASH my times from last year. Also I am getting married next year! (Yes, you’re invited) and I just want to look GOOOOOOD. Muscles and all!

My time is running out. So let’s wrap it up. 

I WILL commit to these. I WILL do everything I just wrote. I WONT let you down. Thank you for giving me and all of us the opportunity to do this. 


11:59….. I sure has mastered this procrastination. 

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