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Never Give Up! Submitted by June Gilmer

In my 54 years of life I have always dealt with whatever life threw at me, including getting a divorce and being childless. Sometimes it’s been great, other times not so much. I’m here to tell you that no matter what you are going through right now, you can get through it. Currently, I have been unemployed in Dallas, Texas for almost a year. My unemployment benefits ran out last October (after six months your benefits end). I’m about to surrender my apartment of 11 years on March 11th to avoid having an eviction on my credit report. To add to that, this weekend I’m surrendering my two cats so they can have a more stable life. As heartbreaking as this is for me it’s the right thing to do.

Let me just say that as a woman of faith I have prayed many prayers on a daily basis. I have most recently found myself asking God why me? I ended up answering my own question…well why not me? Every prayer book I’ve ever read says that God never promised us a trouble-free life, so it’s not like I’ll be the first person to be living in my car – unfortunately, I won’t be the last.

To the surprise of some people that know me, I’m not angry about my current situation at all. I’m blessed in so many other ways that I have no reason to complain. Not having a job allows you to see who your real friends are. In my case it was the people who were on the struggle (like myself) who were jumping in to help me pay my rent, utilities and to buy food for both me and my cats. I never questioned it out loud but I was thinking…how are they able to help me when they have their bills to pay too? Forever grateful and feeling the love from all of them.

The people I was actually expecting to help me were the ones who have money. All of them had some sort of excuse why they couldn’t so much as help with $10 for groceries. The shocking part was the person I’ve known for 17 years who wouldn’t help me. It was hard enough to get up the nerve to ask for a small loan to keep my electricity from being turned off; but I was surprised at how cold this person was towards me. They acted like I was to blame for my situation. A week later they were on Facebook posting pictures of their vacation in Las Vegas, and bragging about the money they won on a slot machine. My heart was broke. I thought, how could this person be like that when they clearly see what I’m going through. Well, I had to get over it and move on. The funny part is they ended up unfriending me. God did me a favor.

Other people who have helped me during this difficult time are entertainers. For the record, I am NOT friends with any entertainers. On social media I’m just me. I’ve never been star struck. I find something in common with the person and that’s how I end up getting a reply back usually. I respect their privacy which is why I’m not going to name anyone. Bless their hearts, they gave me money to have medical tests done last year. I found out I have uterine cysts and need surgery (which I can’t afford). Another entertainer gave me money to pay my cellphone bill.

Well God does work in mysterious ways. One entertainer I can name is Theo Rossi. Theo has been so encouraging with his positive posts on his Instagram account. We’ve traded messages, and everything with him is always on the up side and comes from the heart. He doesn’t know me, yet he took the time to reach out with some positive words. I’m trying to convince him to write an affirmation book (hint hint Theo). We need more of that in this world. We should be looking out for each other – it doesn’t have to stop at family and friends only. Remember, the kindness of strangers goes a long way.

Before closing may I suggest a prayer book entitled, Jesus Lives by Sarah Young. I have given this book to friends, as well as strangers for a few years now. My favorite prayer is “Endurance.” It starts off…I am faithful: I will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. Enough said! Ms. Young has a series of prayer books. Her writings are very uplifting.

My affirmation for 2019 is NEVER GIVE UP! I’ve come too far to just quit. It’s just not me. Every morning, including the weekends, I get up at 4:30 a.m., make some coffee and start my job search online. There is a job out there just for me. It may mean I have to live in a shelter or my car for a bit, but I will never give up.


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